Hey, this is Ben Martin again...

And I don't have a video on this page for a reason:- 
I want to make you a special offer that's too good to wait for me to make a video...
I thought of this during the launch week of Commission Code, so I'm busy as hell... Plus living in the Caribbean has one downside: Horrible internet speed. So, uploading my video would take 3 days... I wish this was a joke.

You might be wondering... 
"What is this offer that's so special you can't delay telling me about it, Ben?"
I'll reveal it in a second, but let me tell you how this started...
Over 1,600+ people have bought commission code so far, and the number one request I've received in the past 4 days was...
"I'm struggling to get traffic to my campaigns, Ben. The code worked. and delivered the campaigns... but what about traffic?"
While I do show you some of my traffic methods in the training that comes with the code... You guys just wanted something that got results FASTER, and more abundantly...

I got thinking... 
What traffic methods am I using right now that my most clueless students can get results with?
And it needed to be FAST and generates A LOT OF TRAFFIC...

After a couple of minutes of meditating this question...

I found it.

Along my other traffic methods...
I'm using a special FREE Traffic method right now that brings me 100 - 300 buyer clicks per day to my campaigns...
Would you like to get access to this free traffic method?


Commission Jacker
Here's what you get inside Commission Jacker:

- FREE Traffic Case Study: Watch over my shoulders as I turn on this free traffic source to drive me between 100 to 300 buyer clicks daily. It's like nothing you've seen before. I haven't shared this even with my girlfriend yet (sorry Anji).

- My Traffic Software: This is an automation tool that I use to reduce my work time on this free traffic method from 60 minutes to about 15 minutes per day. Free traffic takes up a lot of time, but I've found a tool that helps me save 4x of my time.

- BONUS: Instant approval to my offers. Because I want you to make money quickly, I'm going to give you instant approval to promote all of my products online. And I'm not taking a PENNY of what you'll make. Yes, I'll give you 100% commissions on everything you sell on my funnels. You just turn on this traffic source and send it over to the links I give you.
"How Much Does This Cost, Ben?"
It's $147. Rightfully so. 

Because if this traffic method helps you get only 10 sales of my instant-approval offers you'll have made your money back easily.

And with 300 BUYER clicks per day, 10% conversion to sales and you keeping all of the money... It shouldn't be too hard to make $147 back in a couple of days, right?

Yes. It's easy to make $147 back with this method in a couple of days, and set yourself up with an endless free traffic stream with this free traffic method. You just watch what I do and copy me. I've created this to be 100% replicable for any newbie.
So click the buy button below to
add this free traffic method to your order!
But wait!

Since you've already invested in Commission Code, and I want you to get results as fast as possible with no restraints...

Let me cut you a good deal and only charge you 1/3 of what I promised myself and my partners I'd charge.
$147, Not to you. - Only $47 Now!

Ben Martin

PS - If you try this and it doesn't work as promised, I'm ready to refund you 100% of your money immediately. Write me at with proof of applying what I tell you to do and I'll give you all of your money back. This guarantee stands for 45 days of your purchase right now. So you have more than enough time to test this out.

PPS - There's no risk on this purchase, because I'm giving you a full money back guarantee for 45 days. And this discount isn't available anywhere else. Don't pay $147, get it risk-free for only $47 today!

Want to pass on this?
No Thanks Ben.

Just realize that:
#1 - There are no downsells.
#2 - Without this reliable free traffic source you'll have to do things on your own. It might work it might not. 

I'm just trying to hook you up with an easier way to get success, plus I'm giving you a good deal on this page. So I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be offended if you passed on this offer.
I'm trying to help you. Would you help yourself?